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Stone processing enterprise

We welcome you to the official website of the company "KOP MAMRYN". Here you will find all the necessary information about our products, you can familiarize yourself with the price policy and choose exactly what you need or are interested in from a wide range of stone and granite products. We approach our client's needs professionally and individually in order to embody in granite exactly what our customer needs


Exclusive memorial complex

Exclusive monuments are made of high-quality granite, and the combination of the structure of different deposits makes the products rich, elegant and original. Such monuments are made according to an individual project from a large number of details that are harmoniously combined with each other and have a complex design. For the manufacture of this type of monuments, granite/gabbro/labradorite blocks of special sizes are used, polished by skilled craftsmen to a glossy shine.

Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN





we make products today

Natural materials decorated the palaces of the emperors and the temples of the gods, and have been preserved to this day in an unchanged form. High-quality granite products serve reliably for more than a hundred years and do not go out of fashion over time.

Professional manufacture of granite products is a guarantee of their high quality. Proper processing requires real skill and reliable equipment. Solid natural stone will last for many years, delighting more than one generation with its exquisite beauty. But real masters have to work for this.

Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN

Products made of granite to order

Granite products are widely needed these days. The application is not limited: from interior decoration to cladding basement floors of buildings and facades, making monuments, paving squares and road surfaces. The unique properties of the natural material allow it to be used in difficult operating conditions without the risk of destruction or the need for repair


The main materials with which craftsmen work are noble granite, as well as deep basalt gabbro and labradorite. Tombstones of any shape are made from them - from strict laconic to sophisticated complex ones. Blocks of natural granite are used. You can find out the origin of the stone from the catalog, which indicates the exact place of development. The traditional color of tombstones is black, gabbro is used for such products. Being a basalt rock, this material is strict and beautiful, at the same time very strong and durable. It is resistant to frost, humidity and heat, enduring the weather difficulties of any season

Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN


High-quality and modern at the manufacturer's price

We offer the service of 3D modeling of granite monuments and memorial complexes, subject to ordering from us. Thanks to our designers, you will be able to see the project of the future tombstone according to the agreed dimensions even before the start of its production. The designer will display the 3D model of your monument project in the desired granite colors and from different angles, so we can make changes and corrections to any detail and see the future result. This prevents any surprises and "surprises" in the appearance of the monument after its manufacture.

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It is easy to order on the website


Choose a monument model
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Select several photos of a loved one (preferably in high quality)
Our manager will help you choose the best one for engraving


Upload a photo on the website and fill out the form


Call or write to the specified phone number on the website

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Elite exclusive options of granite products at the price of the manufacturer. Choose from the catalog, combine. We will turn all your ideas into stone


Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
Granite, marble Granite monuments MAMRYN
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